Driver’s Behavioural Training & Capacity Building Program

Traffic crashes have become a global epidemic. Fortunately, government authorities and NGOs around the world are working hard with a combination of awareness, behaviour and infrastructure strategies to reverse this deadly trend through traffic safety initiatives. If you live in a low-income country, traffic crashes are one of the top ten causes of death. If you live in Asia , considered an upper middle-income country by the World Bank you’re more likely to die in a traffic accident than from liver or stomach cancer. Even if you live in the U.S., auto accidents kill more people than pancreatic cancer, liver or heart disease, violence, suicide or any other injury. Traffic Safety Culture focuses on how social factors in a community’s culture influence how people prioritize and accept traffic safety strategies. Creating a positive safety culture is integral to helping our nation move toward a highway system with no fatalities.
The first step in building the ‘National Road Safety Management Capacities’ will be to assess country road safety situation and road safety management system through the Road Safety Performance Review. Assessment should identify, limitation in capacities, financial and human resources, necessary statistical capabilities and other pressing economic or social problems which have prevented countries from establishing or upgrading their road safety management system. Identification of gaps in national legal and regulatory framework, compliance with international road safety instruments and coordination of road safety stakeholders need to be addressed.

On the basis of assessment, critical aspects and priority needs in road safety management system is identified. Based on identified relevant priority areas capacity building workshops is prepared and implemented to enhance national road safety management system capacity. Currently we completed a Senior School’s Students Training Program on Road safety with 104 Schools in Odisha which was attended by 11,550 students and 650 teachers. We are also awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by ‘Ministry Of Transport.’ Govt of Odisha for our good work in the field of Road Safety.Furthermore, our project aims to create awareness on road safety issues and sensitize public and non-governmental sector on the need to set ambitious road safety targets. We are proud to be a associate partner with Safe India who recently completed a 10 days Capacity Building Program with Govt Hospital Doctors and Paramedics in Cuttack Dist Odisha. 500 participants attended the workshop on  ‘Symposium on Good Samaritan Law’, which was sponsored by MoRTH, of Govt.Of India.(March 2021)

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" Odisha Calling Foundation is committed to deliver the best, with the group of like minded people for Social Challenges using our own resources and personal contribution." - Rakesh Singh.


"Odisha Calling Foundation was created with the spirit and vision to provide Safer Roads for the vulnerable, Greener Environment and society worth living." - 
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"Many ideas are tried and tested but the really great charity works come about when people try to think outside the box a little bit. My best wishes for ‘Odisha Calling Foundation‘ to be proved a unique platform to serve up the society in its various unique ways." - Atish Das

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