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Road Safety Awareness Activities

Road deaths and injuries are preventable. A wide range of effective road safety interventions exist and a scientific system approach to road safety is essential to tackle the problem. This approach should address the traffic system as a whole and look into interactions between vehicle, road users, and road infrastructure to identify solution. In the past 5 years we have focused more on Road Safety Awareness Activities and Training. We share our views and analysis which contribute for major road accidents in Odisha as follows.

A. Vehicles

Well-maintained vehicles with good breaks, lighting, tyres etc. will reduce accidents. Older vehicles and highly polluting vehicles should be phased out. Vehicles should be provided with seat belts and other necessary safety provisions (like airbags)

B. Condition of Roads

Roads should be well maintained with frequent relaying of road surfaces and markings of road safety signs. Provide proper footpaths for pedestrians and pedestrian crossings at intersections. Provide separate lanes for slow-moving and fast-moving vehicles. Roads and junctions should be wide and well lit so that visibility is good.

C. Human Factor

Drivers significantly contribute to reducing the accidents. Issuing of the driving license should be strictly based on the minimum proficiency acquired by the learners from designated driving schools. Minimum qualifications should be fixed for different categories of drivers.All drivers should be properly trained and should posses a valid driving license. Educate the drivers and public about traffic rules. Carry out periodic medical check up especially vision and hearing for the drivers. Training on first aid should be compulsory along with heath education and traffic education for the general public to prevent accidents. Indiscriminate honking to be avoided, except as a means of greeting or in dire emergencies.

D. Legislation

Rules for compulsory wearing of helmet & second helmet by two wheelers and seat belts by four wheelers must be implemented. Enforce traffic rules by the concerned authorities strictly. Removal of stray animals like cattle and removal of encroachments on footpath and road margins will enable smooth flow of traffic. Preventing haphazard parking of vehicles on busy roads and intersections to ensure free flow of traffic.

E. Management of accident victims

The importance of the “Golden Hour” in giving adequate treatment to the accident victim in saving the injured should be highlighted to both the health personals and the community. Provision of medical care/first aid care facilities on highways and busy roads. Provision of ambulances and trained health personals in shifting and transporting the injured person to nearby hospitals for treatment. Awareness creation among all sections of the society to treat accident victims with sympathy and without fear so that the morbidity and mortality can be reduced.

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