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Auto Driver’s Refresher Course

Road Safety is a critical issue in our country with more than one casualty per minute. According to a survey, 78 per cent of road accidents happen due to drivers' fault. As 'driver' is the main cause of this problem, it is very important to look after the skill, nature, behaviour and attitude of the drivers. There are many dimensions to road accident. Thus, we have focused on ‘Behavioural Aspect of Drivers’’. None has cared about this and we believe that, this is one of the most critical areas, which we have addressed thoroughly in our Training Program ,will  significantly bring down the number of casualties.

The drivers, who come from socially and economically backward classes of the society, are neglected lot. They suffer from public apathy & harassment, get subsequently addicted to alcohol, smoking and other relatives problems, which mount their worries and contribute to unsafe driving.  Defensive Driving Training thru this ‘Behavioural Interventions’ designed in this program can help overcome some of these by sensitizing them in doing so.

In‘Auto Driver’s Refresher Course’ we have trained drivers on behavioural aspects for safe driving, Emergency First Responders Action, importance of customer etiquette, women & passenger safety and believe that, the trained drivers are adequately sensitized. Seriously, this behavioural intervention will have a lasting impact on making them a better person, along with good family life and improved health & hygiene too.

Odisha Calling Foundation is committed to reduce road accident by  creating public awareness, advocacy and capacity building. Saving of lives and to reduce fatalities is our motto. Odisha Calling Foundation is a non-profit making charitable organization. It was founded with the objective to HELP Accident Victims and Train Drivers for ‘safe drive’ to reduce accidents. Road Safety is one of our priority activities and we are involved in Creating Road Safety Awareness, Road Safety Basic Training to School Students, Road Safety Advocacy, Behavioural Skill Training to Drivers, etc. In the first lot we have a target to, in-house train 1,000 Auto Drivers in our city in batches of 40 per day which will be completed within the stipulated time frame i,e by the 31st of Dec 2021.This training program is supported by State Transport Authority, Ministry Of Road Transport, Govt Of Odisha.

President’s Message

" Odisha Calling Foundation is committed to deliver the best, with the group of like minded people for Social Challenges using our own resources and personal contribution." - Rakesh Singh.


"Odisha Calling Foundation was created with the spirit and vision to provide Safer Roads for the vulnerable, Greener Environment and society worth living." - 
Debabrata Nayak


"Many ideas are tried and tested but the really great charity works come about when people try to think outside the box a little bit. My best wishes for ‘Odisha Calling Foundation‘ to be proved a unique platform to serve up the society in its various unique ways." - Atish Das

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Odisha Calling Foundation,

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Phone: +91 9861049155, +91 7008190841, +91 8409329434

Email: odishacallingu@gmail.com

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