Our Mission

We aspire to live in a society free from narrow divisions, at peace with the environment, every individual contributing willingly his / her best in their area of activities.To achieve the goal we have identified three broad areas of our intervention.

Social Sector



The society of our dreams can't be achieved without proper education. Education of an individual begins at birth and continues throughout the life. Present system of education is unfortunately a relic of what Lord Macaulay had designed to produce an Army of clerks to serve the British Masters. Our education system has failed to educate our youth. All that it does is make them Literate, which is grossly inadequate for meeting our quest for the citizens of tomorrow


Health and Hygiene

A global health crisis is looming and our country is not in a comfortable position to face it. Globally the health industry is shifting to wellness and our culture had wellness principles ingrained into our lives. Unfortunately we have lost touch of our best practices and need to introspect. Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda etc are our gifts to the world. We wish to bring about a revolution in preventive health care system and have a disease free society.


Social Empowerment

Every exercise in empowerment should start with awareness. At OCF we firmly believe that an ecosystem needs to be put in place where every individual who wants to help himself can do so. Instead of feeding someone he or she should be empowered that she can feed herself. A sustained, meticulous and targeted intervention should make our society a beggar free society free from street children and the menace of drugs and alcohol abuse.



We are involved in the whole spectrum of developmental activities from creating environ­mental awareness to undertaking watershed development: from disaster management to sustainable livelihoods; from joint forest management to giving inputs to policies. We aim to encourage nature camping to agencies, which undertake research and monitoring.

Change Their World. Change Yours.
This Changes Everything.

President’s Message

‘Odisha Calling Foundation’ is commemorating its second year of achievement. From a small WhatsApp group with like minded friends and colleagues, we started finding ‘social challenges’ and tried to mitigate them using our own resources form personal contribution. 


  ‘Odisha Calling Foundation’ was set up with the sprit and vision to provide merit based educational opportunities ,healthcare facilities for the deserving and   create basic livelihood opportunities for the vulnerable groups. I assure you ‘OCF’ is not an organization that will rest on its laurels.


Many ideas are tried and tested but the really great charity works come about when people try to think outside the box a little bit. My best wishes for ‘Odisha Calling Foundation‘ to be proved  a unique platform to serve up the society in its various unique ways.

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